Commissioned Traditional/Mixed Media

These personal treasures are done in the form of Oil and Acrylic and take me anywhere between a week to a month of completion.

I specialize in immortalizing people through art, just as how Abba created us with an everlasting spirit and soul. Each piece holds a unique person with stories to tell, and each artwork with premium paints last for a century, with value to be passed over to the next generation. Having a painting of oneself is much more than just having a photo of oneself as it transcends what is on the surface to express the inner self of a person.


Please contact me if you wish to paint something/someone as well as present this special gift to someone precious. Email at :


International and Local Orders accepted. God bless you! Thanks to all of you!

Samples of Clients' works

Lee Kuan Yew Tribute~ The Red Dot

Lovely Godma and her grand kid

Jamie Chua,Celebrity Socialite

Lee Kuan Yew Tribute

Cheryl "Bing Bing"

Claire and Le Cats

Cindy's Royal Life

Matthew's the Advant Garde

Bioskin owner Mathilda and Bernard

Lee Kuan Yew and his wife Tribute

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