The Rapture: End of Days

End of Days is an original Game/Movie IP set in the post apocalyptic world setting inspired by fallout, last of us and walking dead.
Following world war 3, the stage is set 100 years after the nuclear fallout, resulting in mass mutations caused by radiation , as well as a new world with power hungry survivors across different factions.

You are one of the survivors, will you stand up for the last of humanity and find a cure or partake in the blood crazed wars to become the ruler od the fallen world?

With the advance of technology and bio genetic engineering, the player is free to choose from one of several mutated classes or remain as one of the original human survivors.

End of days seek to combine realistic possibilities of what is real and what could be real, in the coming future. Regardless of the players' choice, it will be a crucial factor to band up and find allies in the fallen world, as players build their own ragtag army of unique survivors and resist extinction.

Characters include:

Characters are full of intrigue, each of the flawed apostle a book of his/her own, with the plot's major villains and people in shades of grey, a world where degeneration and motivation becomes very raw and terrifying all on its own.


It is inspired by the Christian rapture where all believers are caught up(as well as Tolkien & C.S Lewis,who help spread the word of God through his brand of fantasy aka LOTR) +Apocalypse when the world will be in chaos once that happens.

My ip is based on this with heavy dose of sci-fi and fantasy elements, and the new 12 disciples, who were chosen to help save more souls while combating against the devil and the powers that be. Stay tuned to find out about the Disciples.

Current Races discovered:
Original Humans
The Unseen (Intelligent Vampiric Cannibals)
Technologically advanced (cyborgs)
Genetically Engineered (mutants)

Settings and IP based on current world

Based in locations like Japan, United States, Croatia and more around the world, The Rapture brings a surreal and epic feel to the IP filled with mystery, what-ifs and visuals in an advanced, post apocalyptic world in a unique setting filled with sci-fi elements and supernatural realms. Each of the cities now face unique problems and interesting choices- leading to factions and monstrosities of their own mind. Mad scientists and cult prophets rule like crimelords in their own vicinity, like a king of a slice of heaven.


Welcome to The End of Days, What will you live for after the Rapture?